12 Tricks For Recycling Plastic Bottles

What can you do with all the empty plastic bottles you have in the house? Try to recycle them. Read on to discover 12 fun ways to do just that!
12 tricks for recycling plastic bottles

Nowadays, the recycling of plastic bottles is a very important aspect. These objects continue to have a major impact on the environment. In addition to decomposing very slowly, plastic bottles destroy the natural resources we have at our disposal.

Although activists’ awareness actions have forced many industries to use other materials in the manufacturing process, plastic continues to be an environmental hazard.

For this reason, many of us are looking for ways to recycle plastic bottles. With the help of creative ideas, we can prevent these objects from reaching landfills or the living environments of plants and animals.

Tricks for recycling plastic bottles are gaining more and more popularity in various parts of the world. This ecological trend is adopted by people of all ages, including children.

In today’s article we offer you 12 tricks for recycling plastic bottles. Knowing them, you will think twice before throwing these objects in the trash!

1. Loss

Pollution prevented by recycling plastic bottles

Have you noticed that the bottom of plastic bottles is shaped like a flower? Practice your creativity and use this component to create an attractive curtain for your garden.

  • Cut the plastic bottles carefully so as not to spoil the shape of the bottom. Then fasten the parts to each other with a strong thread or nylon.

2. Container for pet food

Recycling plastic bottles is easier than you think

Using 2 plastic cans, you can create a unique container for your pet’s food. Also this container can be used to feed homeless animals.

  • Cut the cans as in the picture above, miss them and fill them with food.

3. Piggy bank

Recycling plastic bottles to get unique items

This trick to turn plastic bottles into piggy banks will encourage the little ones to recycle this type of material.

  • To make the piggy bank, you need EVA rubber, paint and other similar materials.

4. Coin container

Recycle plastic bottles to get a piggy bank

This fun craft project involves taking advantage of the “popcorn” on the bottoms of plastic bottles. Simply join the bottoms of 2 plastic bottles with a zipper to create a really special coin container.

  • Cut the plastic “popcorn” carefully and attach the zipper with a needle and thread or glue.
  • If you want, paint the obtained container or decorate it with ribbons.

5. Flower pots

Recycling of plastic bottles in flower pots

This trick will allow you to exercise your creativity to the fullest! You don’t need anything else to turn old plastic bottles into flower pots.

  • Cut the bottles to get a pot the size and shape you want, then paint them however you want.
  • Don’t forget to drill the bottoms of the pots so that the water can drain.

6. Baskets

Recycling plastic bottles into unique baskets

Although they are not actually baskets, large plastic cans can be turned into multifunctional containers.

  • Cut the top of the container and cover the edges with duct tape.
  • Make 4 small holes on the side and use ribbons or thread to create the handles.

7. Support for pens and pencils

Recycling plastic bottles

Pen and pencil holders are an always fashionable accessory. This type of container allows you to keep your office well organized.

  • Remove the top of the plastic bottle, after which you can decorate it however you want. Use the resulting container to store pens, pencils and other stationery.

8. Support for magazines and newspapers

Recycling plastic bottles as supports

Large plastic containers, such as those used to store cleaning products, can easily be turned into magazine and newspaper holders.

  • Cut the mouth and one side of the container.
  • Put your favorite books and magazines in the holder.

9. Toothbrush holder

Recycling plastic bottles into unique bathroom items

The mouths of plastic bottles can be used to make toothbrush holders.

  • Cut the flower-shaped base of a plastic bottle and attach it to the top of another bottle.
  • Make several holes and insert other glass holes so that you can store as many toothbrushes as possible.

10. Multifunctional organizers

Recycling plastic bottles in multifunctional organizers

When it comes to recycling plastic bottles, a useful option is to turn these items into custom organizers, including containers for sewing materials or jewelry.

  • Cut the plastic bottles to get the desired shape and size, then cover the edges with tape or other material.

11. Vertical garden, one of the most interesting tricks for recycling plastic bottles

Recycling plastic bottles in a special garden

Don’t have enough space in the yard for a garden? Practice your creativity on an unused wall. How? It’s not hard at all!

  • Attach several plastic bottles horizontally (as in the picture above) and use them as small plant pots.

12. Bird food container

Recycling plastic bottles in the food container

Plastic bottles are ideal for making bird food containers that you can put in the yard. Instead of polluting the environment with plastic waste, you will attract beautiful living things to your garden.

  • Make several holes in the plastic bottles and insert wooden spoons or rods.
  • Fill the bottles with bird food and hang them in the garden.

Are you ready to try the 12 tricks for recycling plastic bottles presented in this article?

Remember, the best way to protect the environment is to opt for products with reusable packaging. But the tricks presented in this article will also help you make a positive contribution.

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