100% Natural Brittle Nail Treatments

There are many remedies to treat brittle nails. In this article, you will discover four natural ingredients that you probably already have at home that can help you solve this problem. Read more!
Treatments for 100% natural fragile nails

Do you need treatments for brittle nails? To treat brittle nails, you need to use nutrients that can strengthen them.

There are two reasons why nails can peel or soften. The first is the state with their hands submerged in water for long periods of time. This weakens the nails and makes them look unhealthy. The second reason is a diet poor in nutrients beneficial to nail health. Low levels of iron and calcium tend to weaken the nails, causing them to break.

Do you want to fight this problem? If so, use 100% natural brittle nail treatments!

Treatments for 100% natural fragile nails

Although you need to go to the doctor to check if you have an adequate level of iron and calcium in your body, here are some ingredients to effectively treat fragile nails if this is simply an aesthetic problem.

1. Olive oil

Olive oil
Olive oil contains fatty acids and antioxidants that help strengthen brittle nails.

The best way to use olive oil is to massage it directly on the nails. It is best to do this at night and go to bed without washing your hands, so that the oil penetrates completely into the nails.

2. Avocado oil

Avocado is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This fruit is full of healthy fats and has properties that make it a good choice for treating brittle nails. This oil deeply moisturizes the nails, nourishing and restructuring them.

Although you can buy avocado oil, you can also make an avocado paste at home. To do this, you just need to peel a well-baked avocado, crush it with a fork in a bowl, then apply it on your nails.

3. Garlic

Woman using fragile nail treatments
One of the best natural ingredients for treating weak and brittle nails is garlic.

4. Castor oil

This is the last ingredient we will include in the list of treatments for fragile nails. Castor oil helps moisturize nails, successfully penetrating all layers and strengthening them. This oil is also composed of essential fatty acids.

Like the first two options, you need to massage this oil directly on your nails. It is necessary to do this every day, until you see a significant improvement in nail quality.

Final tips for treating brittle nails

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