10 Minute Routine For Firmer Buttocks

Kneeling burns excess fat and can tone your legs and buttocks. All you have to do is follow an exercise program for 30 days, gradually increasing the number of knee bends you perform.
10-minute routine for firmer buttocks

Many people dream of having firmer buttocks, but often do not know what exercises they should include in their daily routine to work this area. To give you a helping hand, in this article we will present you some exercises that you can practice at home if you want to have firmer buttocks.

The exercises below are not heavy at all and will not take more than 10 minutes a day, so read on and do not hesitate to try them!

Challenge: a month of kneeling to get firmer buttocks

If you want to have firmer buttocks as soon as possible, then we advise you to include knee bends in your daily exercise routine. To do them properly, follow these instructions:

  • Step 1 – Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Step 2 – Keeping your back straight, bend your knees and lower yourself to the floor.
  • Step 3 – Hold the position described in step 2 for a few seconds, avoiding leaning forward.
  • Step 4 – Return it to an upright position, keeping your legs apart.

The exercise I just described to you is a simple knee bend. As you train, you can try to diversify your routine with weights or jumps, but don’t force yourself at first.

Firmer buttocks: Kneeling with weights in routine

The next kneeling program will help you get those long-awaited buttocks. After only a month, you will be able to admire your new figure in the mirror and you will never hesitate to wear bikinis, shorts or mini skirts.

You will have to practice these exercises for 30 days, performing knee bends almost daily and reserving 7 days for rest. As you progress, you will need to increase the number of repetitions.

Introduce the following program into your daily routine and follow it with holiness if you want to have firmer buttocks:

  • Day 1:50 knee bends
  • Day 2: 55 knee bends
  • Day 3: 60 knee bends
  • Day 4: Rest!
  • Day 5: 70 knee bends
  • Day 6: 75 knee bends
  • Day 7: 80 knee bends
  • Day 8: Rest!
  • Day 9: 100 knee bends
  • Day 10: 105 knee bends
  • Day 11: 110 knee bends
  • Day 12: Rest!
  • Day 13: 130 knee bends
  • Day 14: 135 knee bends
  • Day 15: 140 knee bends
  • Day 16: Rest!
  • Day 17: 150 knee bends
  • Day 18: 155 knee bends
  • Day 19: 160 knee bends
  • Day 20: Rest!
  • Day 21: 180 knee bends
  • Day 22: 185 knee bends
  • Day 23: 190 knee bends
  • Day 24: Rest!
  • Day 25: 220 knee bends
  • Day 26: 225 knee bends
  • Day 27: 230 knee bends
  • Day 28: Rest!
  • Day 29: 240 knee bends
  • Day 30: 250 knee bends
Firmer buttocks: weightless knee bends in routine

If you can’t do all the knee bends in one go, especially if you’re a beginner and you’re not used to exercising, divide the total number of knee bends for that day into several sets.

For example, if you have to do 50 knee bends today, perform sets of 10 reps, taking a 30-second break between sets.

A few more exercises to get firmer buttocks

Firmer buttocks: routine knee bends

After you have finished the first month of exercises for firmer buttocks (you still have enough time until the summer, so don’t despair), you can establish a more complex routine. Remember the following exercises:

  • Bends: Stand with your back straight, step forward with your right foot and bend your left knee until it makes a right angle with the floor. Then return it to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. To perform this exercise correctly, you will need to keep your back straight and make sure that your knee does not exceed the tip of your foot when you bend it.
  • Bridge: Lie on your back on the floor and lift your pelvis toward the ceiling, while tightening your buttocks and abdominal muscles. The soles of your feet should be glued to the floor and your arms should rest next to your body.
  • Hip extensions: This position is the opposite of the one described above. Face down on the floor, lean on your forearms, knees and toes. Extend your right leg back as if trying to hit the ceiling. Return it to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg.
Firmer buttocks: the bridge
  • Jumping: This exercise is very useful if you want to have firmer buttocks. Sit with your arms close to your body, then jump, taking care to move your legs as far away from each other as possible and, at the same time, raise your hands above your head and clap your hands. Return it to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Here’s what a 10-minute routine looks like to have firmer buttocks:

  • Jump rope for 5 minutes to warm up. Try to gradually increase your speed.
  • Perform knee bends (yes, again!), But only four sets of 15 reps each.
  • Do a few push-ups — four sets of 15 reps each. As you begin to progress, you can also use weights when doing this exercise.
  • Perform four sets of 15 reps of hip extensions each and be sure to work both legs.
  • At the end, do the bridge — four sets of 15 reps each. If you want to take a little challenge, do this exercise with a weight on your abdomen.

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